Rendez-vous off traces falling apart into

por Sergej Vutuc


"RENDEZ-VOUS" finds its pulse in 2019 between Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Shanghai, contexts of urban density and matching infrastructural consumption with human edification serving the purpose of a moment prior to expiring with the next. Ephemeral architecture addresses ancient needs as long as it is utilitarian, all the while designing the next phase of limitations to come; it punctuates a certain urgency. As such, its patterns: doors, windows, floors, walls, layers and lights echo out of eras of their own to whichever observer somehow remains past their demise; time is "a narrative that takes shape the moment buildings and symbols are erased and the past repeats". It is a relativization of a supposed linearity to progress and an invitation to question civilization; the paranoia of the lure. After a combination of techniques and processes, including the transformation of Super-8 into 35mm film by means of a photocopier, the urban landmarks are now stacked, duplicated, overlaid and rearranged into a unique sequencing, meeting and setting grounds for a story that is as valid as the observer's film and performance; projection and interpretation are as available as the dimensions of the horizontal and vertical folds and openings permit comprehension angles. As ancient purpose disappears, new one emerges; "RENDEZ-VOUS" resides in the crunch of the rotation.

texto por Aymeric Nocus

impreso en risografía y digital, intervenido con lápiz
32 páginas + A2 desplegable / 20 x 28 cm
encuadernación cosida
primera edición de 86 copias numeradas